Sizzling Summer Sing Off

Sizzling Summer Sing Off

Sizzling Summer Sing Off

Please read the rules below and use the form to register!


This contest is open to persons of all ages. Contestants under the age of 18 years old may only participate so with the consent of their parent or guardian who must evidence such consent on the registration.

Two (2) acts will be selected from each participating Friday Night Live which will qualify them for the final event at the Western Michigan Fair.

An act is defined as a singing performance, performed by one or more people.

Please refrain from wearing any inappropriate clothing items as there will be young guests watching the show(s). Inappropriate lyrics will not be permitted.

No dangerous props may be used during the competition (swords, fire etc,). General props are allowed but must be taken on and off the stage within one minute total.

No acts allowed that may be harmful to yourself or others; keep your talent to a G Rating.

The time limit for each contestant is 5 minutes.

All acts must be amateur singers or entertainers, otherwise be persons who may be involved within the entertainment industry as singers or entertainers on a maximum of part-time basis, and do not belong to any professional organization (s) connected with the entertainment industry.

The fair board and its judges reserve the right to disqualify any act from any qualifying round or finals for any reason deemed necessary.

Rules may be changed or modified at any time.

All acts and their families/associates are not allowed to have contact with judges prior to or during competition.

Judges decisions will be, without question, final.

Any act, and/or their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest may result in the disqualification of that contestant from further competition. Offensive behavior includes poor sportsmanship, bad manners, and lack of decorum.

All acts give the Western Michigan Fair the unrestricted authorization to use their name, photo, voice recordings, video recordings, entry materials or likeness in promotional materials without further compensation.

Acts must supply the fair with contact information. i.e. Primary contact phone number, email, mailing address etc.

ALL MEDIA MUST BE PROVIDED VIA MP3, CD, or provided via a link well before performance times.

By submission of a registration and entering into this contest, each act represents and warrants their compliance with these rules and regulations. No acts will be permitted to compete unless they have acknowledged and agreed to these rules and regulations.