Horse Shows

2019 Season

Mason County Saddle Club

Contact Information

Brooks Johnson 231-843-8174

Stall Information

Shelley Jabrocki 231-233-1927

Mason County Saddle Club

2019 Dates

May 19th, June 9th, July 14th, August 17th – 18th, September 8th

4 Seasons Equestrian Association

4 Seasons Equestrian Association Open Show

June 15th & June 16th 

Summer Cizzler Series Shows

Contact Information

Kathy Pleiness 231-757-9211

2019 Dates

June 22nd – 23rd  Summer Cizzler Series – 

July 20th – 21st   Summer Cizzler Series 


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MIHA Equestrian Team

Contact Information

Doyle Fenner 231-690-0250

2019 Dates

May 11th & 12th MIHA Jr. Equestrian Meet Horse Show 

September 14th & 15th MIHA District 9 Meet

September 21st  MIHA District 9 Equestrian Meet Horse Show

September 28th & 29th MIHA Region D Equestrian Meet  Horse Show

MIHA Website

MIHA Facebook Page


4H Horse Shows

Contact Information

MSU Extension 4-H Office

3000 N. Stiles Rd.
Scottville, MI 49454
Phone: 231-845-3361

Monday – Friday 
9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 – 4 p.m.


Harbor Classic & Lisa Terry


Contact Information:

MQHA Office 616-225-8211

July 1st-7th, 2019

MQHA Website 

MQHA Facebook


Contact Information:

MQHA Office 616-225-8211

August 21st-25th, 2019  Lisa Terry AQHA/MQHA Memorial Horse Show

MQHA Website

Shoreline All Breed Youth Show

Contact Information

Roger Hansen 231-843-2280

September 1, 2019

Show Bill


Thank you to everyone that participated in our 2018 Shoreline All Breed Youth Show.

2018 Shoreline All Breed Youth Show Group Photo


2018 Mary Ellen Caswell Sportsmanship award recipient. Sitting on the Director’s Chair is Paige Beland from Grand Haven. Her parents, grandparents and MIHA Grand Haven Eq. coaches are gathered around her along with the horse she exhibited at the Shoreline.


2018 Shoreline Committee and Judges




~ Comments sent in from participants in the 2018 show ~ 


“Just wanted to thank you and everyone else who helped to put on the show this weekend.  We always have a good time.  But mostly I am so thankful that my Sonny can participate also.  I know sometimes we wonder if and what these young adults/kids really comprehend and if we’re really making a positive difference in their lives,  I know I do. Well, let me tell you…………

We’re having a quiet day at home today.  Sonny is doing his thing, playing outside, playing with his cars and dinosaurs as usual.  With Sonny not talking, and loving his naps, many times he just “disappears.”   I’ll look in the bedroom, and there he is napping.  Well, today was the same, but when I went to check on him, I literally got tears in my eyes.  He was sleeping with the medal around his neck that he won yesterday! ❤️  He found it on the table, put it on and took a nap!  Actions speak louder than words!  Thanks for including people like Sonny and Rebecca and giving them something to be proud of too!”
                                                ~ Sue
“I wanted to reach out to you and Thank You for putting on a great horse show last weekend!  My girls and I very much enjoyed our first trip to your show and will definitely be back!  As someone who shows a LOT and puts on some horse shows as well, I am extremely grateful to run across friendly and kind show management!  You guys did an excellent job managing the show even through the challenge of the stormy weather!”
                                                                                                 ~ Heather