Shoreline All Breed Youth Show

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Roger Hansen 231-843-2280


2017 Complete Show Bill and Registration Form


2016 Shoreline Group photo

2016 Shoreline Group Photo - Over 800 entries over the two day show!



Payton Haynes was selected to receive the Mary Ellen Caswell Sportsmanship Award. 
This diminutive 9 year old doesn’t even own a horse. She rides whatever is available to her and does a great job. 
Her actions inside the ring and out tells the story. She congratulates everyone and high fives those who have improved. 
She is always smiling and is courteous to everyone.

She struggles daily with a rare autoimmune disease named Kawasaki. 
She is no quitter though. She competes at horse shows,  races dirt bikes and excels in gymnastics.


Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for another great Shoreline All Breed Youth Show!  And somehow you managed to arrange perfect weather too!

The kids have so much fun in the relaxed environment.  Adults too!  And we love the camping arrangements.  Even just the fact that there is so much paved area for bikes, scooters, and carts makes for a convenient show.  

 The pizza party is always a bonus, and I'm glad for one meal I don't have to think about.

 Thanks to the Caswells for their unwavering support.

Have a great off-season, and we will see you next year!

 Sincerely, KR


“Thank you for putting on such a great youth show, it was a wonderful experience as usual. From the food, to the barns, to the grounds, to the show running so smoothly.

I appreciate you making our friends from Indiana feel so welcome too!
We truly appreciate all that you do !!”

C & C


Mason County Fair board –
I had the pleasurable opportunity to show at your grounds this summer.  They are lovely.  But above the great footing in the horse arenas, the beautiful landscaping and the great people of the Mason County Saddle Club, my favorite part of the grounds were the amazingly clean restrooms!

Thank you so much for the efforts made to keep the restrooms clean and stocked over the summer during the MCSC shows.  It was a refreshing, noticed and welcome change compared to other fairgrounds.



September 2nd & 3rd 2017 Shoreline All Breed Youth Horse Show  

The 13th. Annual Shoreline All Breed Youth Show was a huge success with over 80 kids from 8 counties participating. Brooke Whipple from Nunica was chosen to receive the coveted Mary Ellen Caswell Sportsmanship award! Congratulations Brooke!